rainy season nice lines about experiance

Rainy season nice lines about experiance,Once I asked the rain, what is your age?Rain gave me a beautiful answer,If you have loved my walks in the rain joy vaira Age 10,If you are writing a poem in the rain My Age 16 If you have a feeling of separation in the rain My Age 18,If you feel a desire to go to my trekking in the rain 24,If you feel the rain to share my alarm 30,If you feel continually Ferry National Park rain 35,If you just sit and feel ghyavisi coffee mate 40,If you have a drink with a friend who feel the basavese 50,If you feel the sweet memories of the proper mate unlock basavese gataayusyatila 60,And I laughed and said, “Oh, what to say in a year, not to engage in the words!,He smiled and said rain,,”As the rain you do anubhavasila my age” !!!


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